A place to relax! 2016-05-05

I visited the Volksgarten in our town the other day and made some nice pictures

Scanner Personality 2016-04-15

I’m a scanner personality and I just noticed it as a friend pointed this out to me while we were visiting the new coworking space in town.

Of course I needed to lookup the definition, come to a few sites describing it. For example this one in English. I’ll quote from the site:

You have creative ideas all the time, whether it’s for a book, a TV show, an art project, a website, a business, starting a movement, creating a brand, or writing a bestseller

Yes! In fact I need to stop myself often from being too creative so I don’t have another project I cannot afford or never be able to finish.

You love to learn about new subjects and ideas and then quickly move on to something else

Yes! A German source also lists learning autodidactic, which is one of my natural talents.

You have loads of seemingly unrelated interests


Stuck 2016-04-05

My [name change process] is proceeding way slower than I'd like it to be. The court ordered me to go to two psychiatrists, one of which I am going to this Saturday, the other one in mid of May. I want to become self-employed again. As soon as possible, but after the name change. Anything that uses my old name disencourages me from doing things. I don't know who this person is anymore that still shows up on my passport... With unknown delays for the psychiatrists, the delay at court, and the new passports, I can most certainly not do this before July, more likely in August or even September. I am keeping myself busy right now with a job that has a certain urgency for a client. It sucks badly that I have to wait for the money for likely a quarter year while having lots of other things i need to spend money on but can't. Since beginning of the year, I managed to save enough money to pay the court costs. I should have this covered by now, but now I need to put the money away for my car, which needs inspection/service next month. I don't know if I can manage to pay it off next month on my own though.. I'm working but I am listed as unemployed. And this will not change until the name change process has completed. Doing almost full time work while being not paid feels worse than I expected it would be: I am doing productive things, but I am highly restricted in what I can do. [name change process]: /posts/misc/2016-01-30-discrimination-by-law/

Krankenkasse verweigert mein Bild 2016-02-12

Vor ca. zwei Wochen war ich persönlich bei meiner Krankenkasse (DAK) und habe die Bitte geäußert, das Bild auf meiner Elektronischen Gesundheitskarte zu erneuern. Ich lege diese Karte immer mit der Rückseite auf den Tresen bei Ärzten, da das Bild meiner ehemaligen Geschlechterrolle nicht mehr meinem Aussehen entspricht, und ich damit das Gefühl habe, dass das nicht meine Versicherungskarte ist.

Nachdem die Mitarbeiterin vor Ort meine Ausweise (inkl. dem dgti-Ausweis) kopiert hatte, hab ich Zugangsdaten erhalten, um mein Bild online hochzuladen.

Brief von der Krankenkasse

“Sehr geehrter Herr Glauche,”

(Eines meiner Probleme beim Schriftverkehr mit der Krankenkasse ist die falsche Anrede, können die das nicht wenigstens eine geschlechtsneutrale Anrede verwenden?)

Vielen Dank für Ihr Bild. Auf Grund gesetzlichen Vorgaben können wir es nicht für die neue Gesundheitskarte verwenden. Den Grund haben wir angekreuzt:

[X] Sonstiges: (z.B. Personalien und Abbildung stimmen nicht überein, das Bild ist nicht aktuell usw.)

Ich kann annehmen, dass der Grund ausschließlich aus “Personalien und Abbildung stimmen nicht überein” besteht. Meine Krankenkasse verwendet, solang meine Vornamensänderung noch nicht per Gericht durch ist, noch meinen alten Namen und Personenstand. Sie ist aber durchaus über meine Situation informiert, sowohl mit Anträgen auf Bartepilation und Geschlechts-OP, als auch mit meinem Ergänzungsausweis.

Ich sehe die Verweigerung des Bildes als Diskriminierung an, da das hochgeladene Lichtbild mich so zeigt, wie ich mich in meinem Alltag in der Umwelt präsentiere.

Discrimination by Law 2016-01-30

I got a letter from the court in Düsseldorf today. They want me to show up in person at a specified date at end of February to talk to the judge about my legal name change.

I didn’t expect that they actually want to see me. But it probably means that I have to wait a month more before i can start seing the 2 psychologists for the referrals.

The exitement about the letter soon ended up in worries and hatred against being discriminated.

The name change process sucks in Germany

  • It took way too long and too much effort (i.e. psychatrist referal, life story) to get everything I needed to the court.
  • It costs way too much money (estimated 1400-1800€)
  • They will send me to two psychologists for referrals, who basically can do everything they want, depite me paying for them.
  • I am entirely depending on the speed of the court and the psychologists
  • The laws are outdated and nobody gives a fuck

Forcing a transwoman to use her old name for a prolonged time is discrimination

Sadly this is Germany. The transsexual law is from the 90s and still includes paragraphs (such as the requirement of castration to get the name change) that have been ruled unconstitutional by the highest court in Germany.

On several occasions, I had to use my old male name despite being a full time woman for over a year now. From right now on, it’ll take at least several months to get it changed. Depending on my mood, seeing it triggers either a “hey, that’s not me”-reaction in the best case or more often a punch in the stomach.