My [name change process] is proceeding way slower than I'd like it to be. The court ordered me to go to two psychiatrists, one of which I am going to this Saturday, the other one in mid of May. I want to become self-employed again. As soon as possible, but after the name change. Anything that uses my old name disencourages me from doing things. I don't know who this person is anymore that still shows up on my passport... With unknown delays for the psychiatrists, the delay at court, and the new passports, I can most certainly not do this before July, more likely in August or even September. I am keeping myself busy right now with a job that has a certain urgency for a client. It sucks badly that I have to wait for the money for likely a quarter year while having lots of other things i need to spend money on but can't. Since beginning of the year, I managed to save enough money to pay the court costs. I should have this covered by now, but now I need to put the money away for my car, which needs inspection/service next month. I don't know if I can manage to pay it off next month on my own though.. I'm working but I am listed as unemployed. And this will not change until the name change process has completed. Doing almost full time work while being not paid feels worse than I expected it would be: I am doing productive things, but I am highly restricted in what I can do. [name change process]: /posts/misc/2016-01-30-discrimination-by-law/