Rescuing a Skin Cream 2015-09-03

At the CCC Camp workshop, we had a participant who rushed her cream. She was in a hurry and the end result had some flakes in it.

I took home one of the failed creams and it looked like this after a few days: Imgur

Looks gross, but it actually it turned out that most of the harder oils and/or beeswax has been stuck on the top, while it was much more liquid underneath it.

I tried to scoop out the harder parts and re-melt it: Imgur

Once heated up, I saw a distinct lack of emulsion: Imgur

So I heated up about 2,5g of my emulisifier “Emulsan II” in a seperate jar. After it melted, I added it to the liquid, and also added the rest of the cream that I didn’t heat up so far.

I mixed this up a lot and long. The result:


Looks more promising. I let it sit for a few days now. Not all of it emulsified, but the cream is much much better than before.

[DE] Probleme mit Gläser von Thomas Phillips 2015-08-30

Nach dem ich mich mit Gläser eingedeckt habe, kam die Ernüchterung. Ich hatte zum testen 2x6 Gläser in verschiedenen Größen gekauft, und die ausprobiert - klappten!

Also habe ich noch 5 weitere Pakete gekauft und mir nichts weiter bei gedacht.

Letzte Woche hatte ich über Foodsharing ca. 3kg Kirchtomaten bekommen, die verarbeitet werden mussten. Ich habe also meinen Druckkochtopf bereit gemacht, die Gläser gefüllt, und zum ersten mal 8 Gläser in meinen Drucktopf reinbekommen:


Leider ist davon nur ein einziger dicht geworden! :o

Später habe ich festgestellt, dass einige der Gläser ein paar unsauber geschliffene Öffnungen hat. Ich werde die Gläser nochmal mit anderen Deckeln ausprobieren, aber richtig begeistert bin ich nicht :(

Lotus snack 2015-08-29

17:47 I'm preparing lotus root snacks today - first washed in watter, peeled, cut no thin 2-3 slices (kept at slightly acidic water to prevent oxidation), moved to another slightly acidic water (for both any vinegar is fine), boiled for 2-5 min, strained and bit dried out on the air and finally fried in a bit of oil on a pan with spices added as fusion recipe feels. The final snack is really interesting because of the texture which is typical for lot 17:47 us root. 17:48 -!- bigmac_ is now known as bigmacfoobar 18:02 why do you move it from a water to another?

Henna Tattoos 2015-08-22

At CCCamp I have gotten two Henna tattoos by two different artists.

Both artists used a pre-made henna paste, in similar packages like those. I have been told that while you can mix your own, it’s hard to get the consistency right. I also had the chance to play around with one, and it’s quite hard for a not-so-artist to applicate them. You need to both control the flow precisely and keep the height of the nozzle correctly.

I am thinking about getting some of these to try again at home, and I will definitely try to use patterns for the start.

The first artwork

Janina from the Space village made the first one my left wrist and fingers:


It took about an hour to get this painted.

The henna paste dries out after a while on your skin, this happens within 1-3 hours, depending on the consistency.


Different saturation on wrist and hand?

So I noticed that there was a huge saturation difference on the painting between my wrist and my fingers. My suspicion is that the pores on the wrist were more closed than the ones on the fingers.

CCCamp Impressions 2015-08-20

I’ve put together a number of impressions from CCCamp that I want to share.

3D Printed Stethoscope


After Tareks wonderful inspiring talk we went to the CERT (Chaos Emergency Reponse Team) and showed the 3d printed stethoscope head which I designed to the medical people there.

I was very tired as I did drive for about 8 hours before and I don’t remember much more unfortunately.

Cooking for 300 Angels

Meet Hendi, the slicing machine that I took care of in my two hour volunteer shift as angel.


I have chopped up two boxes of red cabbage, a box of cucumbers and two boxes of carrots. The ingredients were then mixed in huge boxes Imgur

Weather Baloon