I got a letter from the court in Düsseldorf today. They want me to show up in person at a specified date at end of February to talk to the judge about my legal name change.

I didn’t expect that they actually want to see me. But it probably means that I have to wait a month more before i can start seing the 2 psychologists for the referrals.

The exitement about the letter soon ended up in worries and hatred against being discriminated.

The name change process sucks in Germany

  • It took way too long and too much effort (i.e. psychatrist referal, life story) to get everything I needed to the court.
  • It costs way too much money (estimated 1400-1800€)
  • They will send me to two psychologists for referrals, who basically can do everything they want, depite me paying for them.
  • I am entirely depending on the speed of the court and the psychologists
  • The laws are outdated and nobody gives a fuck

Forcing a transwoman to use her old name for a prolonged time is discrimination

Sadly this is Germany. The transsexual law is from the 90s and still includes paragraphs (such as the requirement of castration to get the name change) that have been ruled unconstitutional by the highest court in Germany.

On several occasions, I had to use my old male name despite being a full time woman for over a year now. From right now on, it’ll take at least several months to get it changed. Depending on my mood, seeing it triggers either a “hey, that’s not me”-reaction in the best case or more often a punch in the stomach.

I am currently applying for benefits at the so-called “Jobcenter” in Germany. They refuse to use my chosen name and gender. They try to fit me into a job. But this does not work for non-ordinary people like me, that can do basically everything but does not have a specialization. I highly doubt that they will have a job for me, that fits me and I fit the job.

I’ve been at the Jobcenter 2 times now and I hate it already. They’re invading my privacy by requiring me to show them all my bank account movements for the past 3 months, not just for myself, but also for my company in liquidation. They take my freedom by requiring me to show up in person whenever they like.

And they are already having problems putting me into categories to find a job for me.

Therefore it makes sense to me to be self-employed again. But I don’t want to create a new company before I have my name change past me. I do not need nor deserve more punches in the stomach region. Plus, changing my name means arond 200€ of notary costs for my company, which for me, at the moment, is a lot of money.

I feel stuck right now.

Like a person who is put innocent into jail.

Follow orders and don’t complain.

To wait and hope for premature release.