At CCCamp I have gotten two Henna tattoos by two different artists.

Both artists used a pre-made henna paste, in similar packages like those. I have been told that while you can mix your own, it’s hard to get the consistency right. I also had the chance to play around with one, and it’s quite hard for a not-so-artist to applicate them. You need to both control the flow precisely and keep the height of the nozzle correctly.

I am thinking about getting some of these to try again at home, and I will definitely try to use patterns for the start.

The first artwork

Janina from the Space village made the first one my left wrist and fingers:


It took about an hour to get this painted.

The henna paste dries out after a while on your skin, this happens within 1-3 hours, depending on the consistency.


Different saturation on wrist and hand?

So I noticed that there was a huge saturation difference on the painting between my wrist and my fingers. My suspicion is that the pores on the wrist were more closed than the ones on the fingers.

The explaination I have for that is that I have used estrogen gel on that arm a few hours before, which is based on 96% ethanol. After I got the first tattoo, I continued with applying that on the other arm.

The second artwork

I’ve later met a lovely Japanese girl called Ai running around and painting Henna Tattoos for a small donation, hugs or beer.

She painted another lovely piece of art onto my skin:



The artwork will hold about 1-3 weeks, depending on how often you wash the painted areas.

I want to get more of those temporary tattoos. They’re so pretty! Thanks to both artists again!