Here’s a brief list of events that happened:

  • I went to the third psychologist for the letter in late September 2016, was drugged on benzos for the week before that due to endless anxiety
  • The appointment with the psychologist went well, promised to write the letter quickly, but took almost 2 months in the end
  • Court approval of my name change arrived at December 7, 2016 (Date sent by court: 30th November)
  • Court approval of my name change with a stamp “became legal” (Rechtskräftig) arrived on January 2rd, 2017
  • It took until February 6th to get the registry (Standesamt) to issue my new birth certificate with correct name and gender (had to pay 14€)
  • I went to other part of the registry (Einwohnermeldeamt) on the same day. They told me that I would need to be deleted and sent me home with a promise to call back within 2 days.
  • They didn’t call back, so I bothered a college of the person supposed to do that on the phone, and them 5 minutes for doing so
  • I got my preliminary passport on February 10th
  • I registered my business on February 15th
  • I got another letter about that I have to pay VAT for the first psychiatrist on August 9, 2017. Another 109,17€ to pay.

Total court cost of the name change: 2208,77€ (3 psychologist letters + court fees).

Total cost of misc fees: 41,80€ Letter from the referring psychiatrist (10€), an early copy of my birth certificate (14€), transportation to and parking fees (3,80€) at the court and the new birth certificate (14€)

Total cost for the new documents, including photo, driver’s license, passport: 148,10€

Total cost for my name change: 2398,67€