After arriving safely back from the CCCamp am undergoing some Post-Con depresssion again. For me, the first thing is usually linked to sleep deprivation. But I have catched up on that and I am still feeling depressed a lot.

I have figured out two major points that cause my depression issues:

Life situation

I’ve been without income since March this year. While I am managing quite well with survival, my personal austerity keeps on making awesome things to learn and document to not happening. Also to mention new wardrobe items, or just spontanious trips to somwhere.

Community around me, lack of

Why was the Camp so great? The answer is simple: The people.

I came across a lot of people that were open minded, intelligent, willing to learn, willing to teach that were just excellent to each other.

I just watched the talk Building a culture of courage where Linse talks a bit about quality of human interaction and it make me think. I only know a few of those people near me who are qualifying as such.

YOU are someone’s spirit squad, so am I!

With depression I am always asking - what can I do? What can I do!? I can do so much!

Do wonderful stuff. Encourage people. Be excellent to people. Document. Teach.

I have been hiding for so many years behind my computer. I’ve been taking huge steps this year and I’ll continue to do so, with pride and courage.