At the CCC Camp workshop, we had a participant who rushed her cream. She was in a hurry and the end result had some flakes in it.

I took home one of the failed creams and it looked like this after a few days: Imgur

Looks gross, but it actually it turned out that most of the harder oils and/or beeswax has been stuck on the top, while it was much more liquid underneath it.

I tried to scoop out the harder parts and re-melt it: Imgur

Once heated up, I saw a distinct lack of emulsion: Imgur

So I heated up about 2,5g of my emulisifier “Emulsan II” in a seperate jar. After it melted, I added it to the liquid, and also added the rest of the cream that I didn’t heat up so far.

I mixed this up a lot and long. The result:


Looks more promising. I let it sit for a few days now. Not all of it emulsified, but the cream is much much better than before.

I rinsed the remaining water. Luckily, it wasn’t too much compared to the amount of water in there.

Imgur Imgur

The remainder of the cream is a bit thicker than usual in consistency, which is fine.