I am available for remote work (exceptions may apply).

I have 20+ years experience with scripting languages, 10+ years with linux system administration.

I pick up new things quickly and work efficiently.


  • Short deadline projects of any kind
  • Upgrading old Rails applications (i.e. Rails 2.3) to newer supported versions
  • Automating tasks that require too much of your time
  • Online shops, automation, data parsing, API implementation, fixing legal requirements
  • Web interfaces for devices
  • Building prototypes involving software, hardware or both
  • small scale production, 3D printing, lasers

Contact me if:

  • You need an expert in ruby or ruby on rails
  • You have taken over a project and need help to manage the IT
  • Your IT person is missing in action
  • You need a task done that will take a lot of/too much manual labor to complete otherwise
  • You are short on developers and allow remote work
  • You temporarily need a laser safety officer


  • Laser safety training which makes me eligible to work as laser safety officer for machinery within Germany (“Laserschutzbeauftragte nach §5 OStrV und §6 BGV B2”)

Contact me

E-Mail: =^.^=@work.jglauche.de

(if =^.^=@ does not work in your mail server, use meow@work.jglauche.de )

I do not accept work from military contractors, extremists, misogynists, *phobes, blackhats. Please be excellent to each other.