I had GRS in March with Dr. Suporn this year. The reward of finally feeling comfortable in your body feels great, but recovery has been quite rough so far.

Lots of things are happening, some things are happening too quickly, some too slowly.

I’m finally able to work, but sometimes get knocked out by random health and recovery issues. I’ve been knocked out last week due to high fever, having left my body in a weakened state for the moment.

I’ve fallen behind at least 2 weeks of work and important tasks like fixing my old company in liquidation and finish the tax reports. I am currently waiting that my name gets fixed at the trade register as step before I can get access to its bank account again.

I’m anxious that my inability to fix the (previously very emotionally triggering) situation in time is causing a financial disaster. But the time and the surgery was necessary for me to detach myself emotionally, making me able to go through the paperworks, some showing my deadname.

I massively underestimated my downtime after surgery and the reserves needed. My self-employment grants me no access to sick-pay (yet makes health insurance so much more expensive). I have to function soon because I am running out of backup plans. I think I can, but only if things play the right way.

Wish me luck!